What is seborrhoeic dermatitis?

This is a type of recurrent eczema with red scaly lesions typically found in the scalp, face and beard.

What causes seborrhoeic dermatitis?

This inflammatory skin condition involves the sebum (oil) secreting glands of the skin. Most patients with this condition also have an overgrowth of a yeast type organism which is normally present in everyone's skin.

What are the symptoms?

  • Most commonly affects the scalp and face, beard in men
  • Severe dandruff 
  • Red, scaly, itchy patches on the eyebrows and nose 
  • Inflammation of the eyelids 
  • In some patients the chest, back may be affected

How can seborrhoeic dermatitis be treated?

  • Scalp - Medicated shampoo, antifungal creams
  • Other areas: Steroid creams, emollients (moisturisers), antifungal or antibacterial creams
  • Some patients may require oral antifungal treatment

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