What is skin discolouration?

Blotchy, brownish pigmentation which occurs on the face is called melasma or chloasma . The name comes 'melas', the Greek word for black. It usually affects women and generally starts between the ages of 30 to 40.  It is more common in people with darker skin types, who live in sunny climates and tan well. The exact cause is unknown but triggers include: pregnancy, hormonal contraceptives, sun exposure and scented products. Melasma does not cause any symptoms but the cosmetic aspect is often upsetting.

How can skin discolouaration be treated?

There are several treatment options which may improve the appearance of Melasma . A combination of the following measures is advised: discontinuing triggers, year-round sun block and skin lightening agents. There is a variety of skin lightening creams so an appropriate choice of product will be based on your type of melasma and skin sensitivity. Melasma may be slow to respond so patience is necessary. 

Melasma - Darker Skin Melasma - Lighter Skin